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Jackie Saddlers discovered scuba diving when she was 14, during a holiday in Cozumel with her parents. It became a real passion: she passed her PADI in high school and then passed her webmaster and instructor certification in college.

After graduating from law school, she decided to take a sabbatical underwater. She first went as a divemaster on a few live-aboard cruises in the Caribbean, where she got acquainted with underwater photography using a Nikonos V. With the money she saved, she bought a Nikon camera and housing, then flew to Hurghada in March 1997.

Knocking on all doors, she found all sort of jobs as divemaster and instructor, both in days trips and live-aboard cruises. She took every opportunity to take her camera around and shoot over 2 000 photos during her 6 months stay.

When the scuba diving season ended in November, Jackie flew back to the USA, where she started a lawyer career. Although she is now married and has three kids, she still goes scuba diving each year and keeps shooting wonderful photos of the underwater paradise... soon to be discovered on this website!

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However, she offers free reproduction rights to non-profit organizations, media, individuals and websites, as long as all conditions set in the general copyright page are met, such as adequately indicating the copyright information:
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