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Red Sea 2003

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Here are some of the photos Jacques de Selliers shot in the Red Sea in September 2003,
during the one week cruise on a live-aboard in Egypt
that took him from Hurghada to Sharm-El-Sheik. More...

red-sea-2003-257.jpg red-sea-2003-265.jpg red-sea-2003-268.jpg red-sea-2003-271-cr1.jpg
red-sea-2003-272-cr1.jpg red-sea-2003-273.jpg red-sea-2003-274.jpg red-sea-2003-276.jpg
red-sea-2003-278.jpg red-sea-2003-281.jpg red-sea-2003-282.jpg red-sea-2003-284.jpg
red-sea-2003-285-cr.jpg red-sea-2003-286-cr.jpg red-sea-2003-287-cr.jpg red-sea-2003-288-cr.jpg
red-sea-2003-289-cr.jpg red-sea-2003-291-cr.jpg red-sea-2003-293-cr.jpg red-sea-2003-294-cr.jpg
red-sea-2003-297-cr.jpg red-sea-2003-300-cr.jpg red-sea-2003-301-cr.jpg red-sea-2003-305-cr.jpg
red-sea-2003-306.jpg red-sea-2003-307-cr2.jpg red-sea-2003-309-cr2.jpg red-sea-2003-311-cr.jpg
red-sea-2003-312.jpg red-sea-2003-313.jpg red-sea-2003-315.jpg red-sea-2003-316.jpg
red-sea-2003-317.jpg red-sea-2003-319-cr.jpg red-sea-2003-321.jpg red-sea-2003-322.jpg
red-sea-2003-323-cr1.jpg red-sea-2003-325-cr.jpg red-sea-2003-326.jpg red-sea-2003-324.jpg

Comments by Jacques de Selliers

During this North Cruise, I visited some of the nicest reefs of the Egyptian coast of the Red Sea, in this sequence:

I was on board of the Rossinante, a ship chartered by Diving Attitude. Everything fine, pleasant local staff, food and cabin OK. One complain though: we were allowed a maximum of three dives per day - so I could only log 16 dives in the week!

All photos were shot on Fujichrome Provia slide film (RDP100)
with a N90x Nikon camera in an Ikelite housing,
using a 24-50mm Nikkor zoom or occasionally a 60 mm Nikkor macro lens,
and two Ikelite strobes (a 200 and a 50).

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