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Jacques de Selliers

Jacques de Selliers discovered photography when he was 14. He further developed this art as a student in Lausanne, but it became a real passion in Houston, Tx, where he became best friend with George O. Jackson, a brilliant Tex-Mex photographer. They spent their spare time together, cruising downtown at sunset to capture the reflections of the last glows of light on the skyscrapers, and travelling in Central America to capture the Indian villagers in their intense traditional ceremonies.

In 1986, George O. and Jacques took photos of Jean-Michel Jarre's gigantic concert-show for the celebrations of Texas bicentenary, and were thereafter invited by Jarre to shoot his following mega-concerts. More...

It is in Houston that Jacques de Selliers discovered scuba diving, passed the Padi certification and bought a Nikonos V. It was the beginning of a passion and... a long learning experience. Indeed, he discovered that underwater photography has nothing to do with land photography, especially with a primitive camera such as the Nikonos. In the '90s, he bought an Ikelite housing for his Nikon 90 and managed to produce better shots. In 2007, he went digital with a Nikon D200 in a Hugyphot housing. He has done a dozen scuba-diving trips, mainly live-aboard cruises where he shoots over 1000 photos in a week.

When Jacques left Houston, he still carried his camera on travel and did quite a few photographic reportages, both on land and underwater. In 2000, he founded the Clockarium Museum in Brussels. In 2001, he founded GreenFacts, an independent non-profit organization, popularizing leading scientific reports on environment and health issues at GreenFacts.org, and managed it for 7 years. Then in 2008, he got involved in electric vehicles, founded Going-Electric, the European Association for Electric Vehicle Advocacy, and became a partner in Green Mobil, a start-up importing and distributing electric vehicles in Belgium.

"These new responsibility leave me less time for photography," says Jacques de Selliers. "Time allowing, I still try to scuba-dive one week a year, preferably on a live-aboard. I like reworking my photos and share them on-line, on this website as well as on my personal websites deselliers.info."

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