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About Scuba-Photos.net and its underwater photographers

About the Scuba Photos website

Scuba-Photos.net is the website of the talented scuba photographers.

Our objective is to promote contributing photographers by nicely presenting their best underwater photographs.

We can offer you free display on this website, both if you are an amateur or a professional scuba photographers.

We are temporarily NOT accepting submissions anymore

Why contribute?

Scuba-Photos.net intends to become rapidly the prime website for quality scuba photos. We expect our readership to exceed 100 000 visitors per month by the end of 2010. Even if you already have a web presence, you will gain by posting your best underwater photos on Scuba-Photos.net:

  • Scuba-Photos.net will promote you and your photos to a maximum number of surfers, better than any other website.
  • If you are already present on the web, Scuba-Photos.net will significantly increase the visibility of your websites, through the links we can put onto your scuba-phots.net webpages and through the links exchanges we propose in our links page.

How can I contribute?

To propose your photos for display on Scuba-Photos.net, we please send us a few of your best photos by email, in order to be selected as a contributing photographer. Your photos will be examined by our panel, which may accept or refuse your contribution, and will inform within two weeks.

If you are accepted as a contributing photographer, you can send us your "reportages" (10 to 40 photos per reportage, as well as the Title of your reportage, an initial caption, and a technical caption), as well as your copyright policy and a short biography to be posted on your own personal "about" page. More info...

You will also be ask to accept our conditions by email. More info...

We will publish your reportage on-line within a month and inform you by email when it is done.

Important information:

  • Scuba-Photos.net reserves the right to accept or refuse contributions at its sole discretion. It will not have to justify its choice.
  • You can submit your contributions in English, French, or preferably both.
    It will appear in both languages' menu, but your personal "about" page will only displayed in the language(s) that you provide us with: Scuba-Photos.net will only translate the texts on the thumbnail page.
  • Scuba-Photos.net fully respects the copyright of its contributors. It will not send, sell, lease or lend in any way contributor's photos to third parties, unless agreed in writing (email) by the author or within the photographers' clearly expressed own copyright policy.
  • However, photos posted on Scuba-Photos.net can not be protected against illegal copying. Contributors therefore run the risk that their photos posted on Scuba-Photos.net may be illegally copied or reproduced. They will not hold Scuba-Photos.net liable for damages resulting from such unwanted use of their photographs.

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