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Thailand 2007

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Jacques de Selliers went in April 2007 on a 5 days scuba diving cruise
around the Similan Islands in the Andaman Sea (Thailand).
Here are some of the photos he shot in this underwater paradise! More...

thailand-2007_0221-m1.jpg thailand-2007_0227-c1.jpg thailand-2007_0252-c1.jpg thailand-2007_0260-m1.jpg
thailand-2007_0302-c1.jpg thailand-2007_0304.jpg thailand-2007_0312-c1.jpg thailand-2007_0322-c1.jpg
thailand-2007_0351-c1m3.jpg thailand-2007_0355-m1.jpg thailand-2007_0397-c3.jpg thailand-2007_0402.jpg
thailand-2007_0411.jpg thailand-2007_0422.jpg thailand-2007_0439-c1.jpg thailand-2007_0447-c1.jpg
thailand-2007_0448-c1.jpg thailand-2007_0454-c1.jpg thailand-2007_0466-c1.jpg thailand-2007_0472-c1.jpg
thailand-2007_0476-c1.jpg thailand-2007_0481.jpg thailand-2007_0493.jpg thailand-2007_0498-c1.jpg
thailand-2007_0501-c1.jpg thailand-2007_0502.jpg thailand-2007_0534.jpg thailand-2007_0540-c1.jpg
thailand-2007_0541-c1.jpg thailand-2007_0546-m1.jpg thailand-2007_0560-c2.jpg thailand-2007_0590-m1.jpg
  thailand-2007_0593-c1.jpg thailand-2007_0597-c1.jpg  

Comments by Jacques de Selliers

This was my first time shooting digital underwater - and what an enjoyment! Everything was simpler than with my F90 and Ikelite housing: no film to change, unlimited shooting, no needs to worry about finishing the film roll before the end of the dive, fast autofocus, image preview...

Also, I had switched to a Hugyphot housing, somewhat lighter and better designed that the Ikelite ones. But it was bran new and a had quite a few initial problems, such as a too long extension ring causing vignetting at wide angle, and angle viewfinder which I couldn't get used to.

I was on board of the Bunmee2, a nice traditional looking Thai boat run by French operator Andaman Scuba. The accommodation was fine, the food acceptable and the staff very nice. Everything was great, except for one: the divemaster! His vision of scubadiving was to go as fast as possible and cover a maximum mileage. And everybody had to stay together, because of strong currents! So imagine, we had a conflict: as an underwater photographer, I like to explore in detail each reef to try and discover the rare creature and shoot it at length. So frequently I was left alone while shooting pictures. And after the dive, the nasty little bastard would yell at me for not having caught-up with the group!

Anyway, I still shot some nice picture, so my trip was overall a success. And I've learned something: NEVER dive with a French webmaster - never again!

All photos were shot with a Nikon D200 in a Hugyphot housing,
using Nikkor lenses 60mm macro or 12-24mm zoom,
and two Inon Z-240 strobes.

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