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Great Barrier Reef 2009

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Here are some of the underwater photos shot by Jacques de Selliers in Australia in November 2009
during two cruises in Great Barrier Reef, around Lizard Island then Cairns. More...

1-coral-0804-m2-great-barrier-reef.jpg 1-coral-1283-m1-great-barrier-reef.jpg 1-coral-4960-m1-great-barrier-reef.jpg 1-coral-4975-c1m1-great-barrier-reef.jpg
1-coral-5122-great-barrier-reef.jpg 1-coral-5153-m1-great-barrier-reef.jpg 2-nudibranch-0816-m1-great-barrier-reef.jpg 2-nudibranch-0819-c1m1-great-barrier-reef.jpg
2-nudibranch-0894-c2-great-barrier-reef.jpg 2-nudibranch-0898-c1m3-great-barrier-reef.jpg 2-nudibranch-1017-c1-great-barrier-reef.jpg 2-nudibranch-1068-c1-great-barrier-reef.jpg
2-nudibranch-5027-c1-great-barrier-reef.jpg 3--1156-c1-great-barrier-reef.jpg 3-crinoids-4993-m1-great-barrier-reef.jpg 3-crinoids-5008-m1-great-barrier-reef.jpg
3-crinoids-5012-m1-great-barrier-reef.jpg 3-flame-file-shellfish-4969-c2m1-great-barrier-reef.jpg 3-giant-clams-tridacna-1227-c1-great-barrier-reef.jpg 3-giant-clams-tridacna-1350-m2-great-barrier-reef.jpg
3-olive-sea-snake-5029-c1-great-barrier-reef.jpg 3-starfish-1175-c1-great-barrier-reef.jpg 3-starfish-1187c1m2--great-barrier-reef.jpg 3-starfish-brittle-1254-m2-great-barrier-reef.jpg
3-turtle-5040-m1-great-barrier-reef.jpg 5--0880-c1m1-great-barrier-reef.jpg 5--0968-c1m1-great-barrier-reef.jpg 5--1084-c1m1-great-barrier-reef.jpg
5--1130-c1-great-barrier-reef.jpg 5--1136-m1-great-barrier-reef.jpg 5--1232-c1-great-barrier-reef.jpg 5--1240-c1-great-barrier-reef.jpg
5--4991-m2c1-great-barrier-reef.jpg 5-barracuda-1120-c1m4-great-barrier-reef.jpg 5-batfish-platax-0855-c1m1-great-barrier-reef.jpg 5-batfish-platax-0856-m1-great-barrier-reef.jpg
5-batfish-platax-0905-m2-great-barrier-reef.jpg 5-clownfish-1298-m1-great-barrier-reef.jpg 5-clownfish-1333-c1-great-barrier-reef.jpg 5-clownfish-1336-great-barrier-reef.jpg
5-napoleon-wrasse-frankie-1092-c1m2-great-barrier-reef.jpg 5-napoleon-wrasse-frankie-1095-m1-great-barrier-reef.jpg 5-napoleon-wrasse-frankie-1096-m1-great-barrier-reef.jpg 5-napoleon-wrasse-frankie-1112-c1-great-barrier-reef.jpg
5-sweetlip-1159-m1-great-barrier-reef.jpg 6-barramundi-cod-1270-c1m1-great-barrier-reef.jpg 6-potato-cod-5061-m4-great-barrier-reef.jpg 6-potato-cod-5064-m3-great-barrier-reef.jpg
6-potato-cod-5070-m1-great-barrier-reef.jpg 6-potato-cod-5106-m3-great-barrier-reef.jpg 7-reef-shark-1137-m3-great-barrier-reef.jpg 7-whitetip-reef-shark-1307-c1m1-great-barrier-reef.jpg
7-whitetip-reef-shark-5136-m1-great-barrier-reef.jpg 8-manta-ray-5186-m3-great-barrier-reef.jpg 8-manta-ray-5205-m1-great-barrier-reef.jpg 9-manta-ray-5188-m2-great-barrier-reef.jpg
9-manta-ray-5213-m3-great-barrier-reef.jpg 9-manta-ray-5216-m1-great-barrier-reef.jpg 9-manta-ray-5218-m1-great-barrier-reef.jpg 9-manta-ray-5221-m0-great-barrier-reef.jpg

Comments by Jacques de Selliers

Because of a temporary slowdown in my professional activities, I was able to go and visit Australia during the month of November 2009. This was my first trip to this fabulous country - and I shot a lot of photos, some of which are displayed at deselliers.info.

It was also a unique occasion to scubadive in the Great Barrier Reef. So I first took the 3 days "COD HOLE & RIBBON REEFS" cruise onboard of the Spirit of Freedom, a very nice liveaboard cruising from Cairns.

On the last day of the cruise, I spotted a 5 metres manta ray approaching a pinnacle reef. I swam to the top of it and saw the ray just over my head, at touching distance. This reef was probably a cleaning station for manta rays, since the ray circled for more than 10 minutes over my head, allowing me to shoot over 80 photos - out of which I selected seven for this website.

I wanted to extend my stay on the Spirit of Freedom to dive the Coral Sea, but unfortunately this cruise was fully booked. So I came back to Cairns for one day to explore the wildlife in the Atherton Tablelands rainforest. Then I spent five days onboard of the Reef Encounter, a nice floating hotel bringing divers to some of the best diving sites around Cairns.

My cruises and stay in Cairns were organised by Joel of DiveTheReef.com, and I can only recommend him!

All photos were shot with a Canon Powershot A650IS with and external Ikelite 50 strobe
that I rented from Wet Rez Cameras in Cairns - which I also recommend!

While this sure-shot is great for shooting close-up pictures,
I hated it when it came to shooting moving fishes, because of its long trigger delay.
Also, one Ikelite 50 strobe is insufficient for properly lighting large sceneries.

Hence I deeply regretted my Nikon 200 housing,
which I had decided not to take along because of recent low back problems.

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