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Conditions for publishing on Scuba-Photos.net

For publishing your photos onto Scuba-Photos.net, you will have to send us an email acknowledging that you accept the conditions expressed in the following agreement.

Publishing Agreement

I, undersigned, accept that Scuba-Photos.net publishes some or all the photos that I have submitted on ((date)), and accept all of the conditions expressed below:

  1. I hereby certify that all the photographs that I have submitted have been shot by me and that I am their sole copyright owner.
  2. I accept that Scuba-Photos.net:
    1. May accept or refuse some or all the photos I submitted at its sole discretion.
    2. Will not have to justify its choices.
  3. I accept that Scuba-Photos.net:
    1. Can reproduce the texts that I submitted for my thumbnail page(s) and for my personal "about" page.
    2. Can ask me to modify these texts to fit its editorial format.
    3. Will only displayed my personal "about" page in the language(s) that I provided (English and/or French).
    4. May translate the texts on the thumbnail page.
  4. Scuba-Photos.net commits to fully respect the copyright rules that it has expressed in its copyright info page, as well as my following additional conditions: ((my own additional copyright conditions)). These conditions will be reproduced in the copyright info of my personal "about" page.

    Scuba-Photos.net will not send, sell, lease or lend in any way my photos to third parties, unless agreed by me by email and/or within the frame of the additional conditions that I have expressed in the copyright info on my personal "about" page.

    However, I acknowledge that my photos posted on Scuba-Photos.net are not protected against illegal copying, and that they run the risk of being illegally copied or reproduced.

    Therefore, I will not hold Scuba-Photos.net liable for damages or losses resulting from such unintentional use of my photographs.
  5. At my request, Scuba-Photos.net can link to my own website(s) from my own Scuba-Photos.net webpages and/or from its links page. However, I accept that Scuba-Photos.net may refuse some or all of the links I propose at its sole discretion, notably if it judges that the content provided on these websites are inadequate, and that Scuba-Photos.net will not have to justify its choices.
  6. This agreement is signed for a period of one year, after which it will be re–conducted automatically unless rescinded by an email sent by me or by Scuba-Phots.net. I accept that:
    1. My photos and texts will remain on Scuba-Photos.net for a minimum period of one year.
    2. After this initial one year period, Scuba-Photos.net can remove some or all of my photos and texts from its website at its sole discretion and will not have to justify its choices.
    3. After this initial one year period, Scuba-Photos.net will remove some or all of my photos and texts from its website if I request it by sending an email at the address provided on the contact page of Scuba-Photos.net website.

I have read all the conditions expressed above and I accept them all.

((My full name and address))

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