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Red Sea 1997

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Here are some of the best photos Jackie Saddlers shot in the Red Sea,
during her 6 months divemaster stay in Hurghada in 1997. More...

red-sea-1997-27.jpg red-sea-1997-28.jpg red-sea-1997-30-cr.jpg red-sea-1997-32-cr.jpg
red-sea-1997-36-cr.jpg red-sea-1997-40-cr2.jpg red-sea-1997-41-cr.jpg red-sea-1997-42-cr.jpg
red-sea-1997-43-cr.jpg red-sea-1997-44-cr.jpg red-sea-1997-45-cr.jpg red-sea-1997-46-cr.jpg
red-sea-1997-47-cr.jpg red-sea-1997-48-cr.jpg red-sea-1997-50.jpg red-sea-1997-52-cr.jpg
red-sea-1997-54.jpg red-sea-1997-63-cr.jpg red-sea-1997-64.jpg red-sea-1997-66-cr.jpg
red-sea-1997-67-cr.jpg red-sea-1997-71-cr.jpg red-sea-1997-72-cr.jpg red-sea-1997-73-cr.jpg
red-sea-1997-74-cr.jpg red-sea-1997-75-cr.jpg red-sea-1997-76-cr.jpg red-sea-1997-78-cr.jpg

Jackie Saddlers' comments

It took me quite a while to become acquainted with my Ikelite housing. Itis heavy and bulky, and the flashes are clumsy to manipulate. Furthermore, my auxiliary Nikonos flash was triggered by a "slave unit" and therefore required manual settings. On the other hand, coming from a Nikonos V, the autofocus and through-the-lens viewfinder were a dream!

I only started shooting decent photos after a few months. I was mainly aiming at explicit photos of colorful fishes in a beautiful environment. Also, I loved shooting strange fishes such as torpedo rays (shot in Bluff Point) and camouflaged fishes such as the crocodile fish (also in Bluff Point) and the deadly and invisible stone fish Synanceia verrucosa.

All photos were shot on Fujichrome Provia slide film,
using a N90 Nikon camera and Nikkor 24-50mm f/3.5-4.5 zoom or 60mm macro lenses,
inside an Ikelite housing, with two Ikelite strobes.

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