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Thailand 2004

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Here are some of the photos Jacques de Selliers shot in November 2004,
in the Andaman Sea around the Similan Islands (Thailand),
during a 3 days scuba diving trip in Khao Lak (100 km North of Pucket). More...

thailand-2004-337.jpg thailand-2004-340.jpg thailand-2004-341.jpg thailand-2004-343.jpg
thailand-2004-344.jpg thailand-2004-345-cr.jpg thailand-2004-346.jpg thailand-2004-347.jpg
thailand-2004-348-cr.jpg thailand-2004-351.jpg thailand-2004-353.jpg thailand-2004-354.jpg
thailand-2004-361.jpg thailand-2004-363.jpg thailand-2004-366.jpg thailand-2004-368-cr.jpg

Comments by Jacques de Selliers

Before the 2004 IUCN world congress in Bangkok, I took three days off to go and scubadive in the Andaman Sea. I was based in Khao Lak (one hour North of Phuket) in a nice hotel on the beach which was completely devasted one month later by the tsunami.

For such a short trip, I decided not to take my 40 lbs Ikelite gear but to reuse my good old Nikonos V. Also, the Similan Islands are well known to be a dream place for macro photography, and I had a set of macro rings with frames which make close-up photography really easy. This happend to be a good choice... and a successful last trip for my Nikonos!

All photos were shot with a Nikonos V, 35 mm lens,
mostly with a macro extension ring,
on Fujichrome Provia slide film (RDP100).

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